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Our Services

Our revolutionary approach can plumb the depths of the subconscious, harvesting the secret psychological currents unknown even to the customers themselves.

We do this by capturing the myriad traces of data which float on the surface - and subjecting these to our sophisticated mix of data science and behavioural science.

How We Do It

  • We apply predictive analytics, psychology and academic expertise to commercial challenges, to help brands really understand customers and develop a personalised approach to customer engagement, which further drives sales and loyalty.​

  • We provide end-to-end specifically tailored service: combining innovative data science techniques we extract value from your companies' customer data. We then use data insights as the basis for psychological profiling and bespoke marketing and strategic recommendations.


The Process




Identification of the real challenge: interviewing stakeholders; a comprehensive literature review, processing transactional data and conducting a psychographic customer survey.




Using the spectrum of data science techniques to profile customers based on the survey and/or clients' current and historical transactional data.




Interpretation of the analysis using the psychology of persuasion - identification of the most appropriate nudges (including the tone, narrative, aesthetics, etc).




Creating personalised examples of marketing campaigns and communications for each customer profile, with the goal to accomplish your business goal.




Using predictive modelling to extrapolate the identified profiles and the findings to the customer population at large (the overall customer database).

It works.

Academic researchers at institutions including Cambridge and Stanford found that personality targeting increased conversion rates by up to 50%.


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