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Revealed: The insider secrets for turning data into cash

What do you know about your customers, really?


You probably have data on them, but what does it really tell you?

Well, quite a lot, if you know what you’re doing. Through the power of data psychology, you can take the dry business of data and turn it into empathetic human insight, and thus sales.

In this powerful half-day workshop, including real life case studies and the latest cutting-edge research from institutions like Cambridge University, you will learn:

🧠 How to read your audience’s minds using their ‘digital DNA’: the psychology of thin slicing practically applied to data footprints; the ‘so what’ for branding, user experience, and communications; designing interventions using generative AI

📈 How to use and squeeze and optimise the value out of your data; the basics of data science collection, analysis and management, so you can build or augment your in-house capabilities

🎯 How to optimise your platform with targeted psychological nudges; the basics of segmentation; key nudges, which to choose, and how to test them; the BRAINWASH model of sustained behavioural change

With these insights, you will:

✅ Increase conversion

✅ Increase retention

✅ Increase revenue

Learn from the masters – we’ve been working on this for decades, so you don’t have to.

Your course will be taught by:


                             Dr Vanja Ljevar, guest lecturer at the University of Nottingham, published author and serial entrepreneur

                               Patrick Fagan, Sunday Times bestselling author and former lead psychologist at Cambridge Analytica

Ultimately, you’ll learn how we used data psychology to double the value of our client’s data and get a 24x ROI - and how you can too.

Spaces are limited.

Price: Early bird - 397 GBP (ends soon)

              General admission - 743 GBP

"We love working with Kubik Intelligence. Their interaction with us has been lively and fun, but also thought provoking and challenging - in a very positive way… We highly recommend their work."


– Director of Operations, TG4

Together, we'll humanise your data.

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